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Embracing the Future of Orthopedic Surgery: Robotics, Navigation, and AI


The orthopedic surgery landscape is rapidly evolving with the integration of robotics, navigation, and artificial intelligence (AI), aiming to enhance surgical precision, patient care, and outcomes. A webinar featuring experts from Zimmer Biomet, Fusion Robotics, and Enhatch discussed the potential of these technologies in reshaping orthopedic procedures, focusing on digital and robotic technology integration, AI-driven pre-operative planning, and making advanced surgical technology more accessible and efficient. As the industry moves towards a more data-driven and patient-focused approach, overcoming adoption barriers and ensuring these technologies’ economic and clinical value are crucial for their widespread integration into orthopedic surgery practices.

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By Samantha Feliz

Managing Editor for The MedTech Digest and Communications Director for MedTech Momentum