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Guillaume Viallaneix


The MedTech Digest Editorial Board

The MedTech Digest’s editorial board is a dynamic assembly of seasoned MedTech professionals from diverse segments of the MedTech sector. Each member brings to the table a unique blend of expertise, ensuring our content remains both comprehensive and relevant to our readership.
Editor-in-Chief (EIC): Guillaume Viallaneix


Guillaume Viallaneix

Editor-in-Chief (EIC): Guillaume Viallaneix orchestrates the Digest’s overarching vision, ensuring both editorial consistency and integrity. His leadership is instrumental in setting tone, style, and direction, always upholding the highest journalistic standards.

Meet Javier Perez

Chief Strategic Advisor

Javier Perez

Chief Strategic Advisor: F. Javier Perez, CFA offers strategic insights to align the Digest with emerging MedTech trends. His industry acumen ensures content relevance, fosters industry relationships, identifies growth arenas, and bolsters the Digest’s authoritative presence.

Lester Morales

MedTech Strategist

Lester Morales

MedTech Strategist: Lester Morales serves as our direct line to industry insiders. He identifies sector growth opportunities and mentors the editorial team, underscoring the Digest’s role as a leading voice in MedTech.


Creative Director

Mary Ketchum

Creative Director: Mary Ketchum infuses the Digest with cutting-edge design principles. She crafts the visual aesthetics of the publication, ensuring that every page resonates with our brand’s essence and captures readers’ attention.

Sam Feliz, Social & PR Director

Managing Editor

Sam Feliz

Managing Editor: Sam Feliz is at the helm of the publication’s daily editorial operations. She manages content distribution, collaborates with contributors, and ensures timely, impactful delivery.

John Roy Web Development Director

Web Editor

John Roy

Web Editor: John Roy curates the Digest’s online reader experience. From multimedia integration to real-time updates, he’s the force behind the Digest’s expansive digital reach.

Yohanny Brito The Medtech digest photoeditor

Photo Editor

Yohanny Brito

Photo Editor: Yohanny Brito shapes the Digest’s visual narrative. As our Graphic Designer, he manages image curation, works with photographers, and ensures visual content complements our written word seamlessly.

AI Specialist

Miguel Hidalgo
AI Specialist: Miguel Hidalgo integrates state-of-the-art AI tools to enhance content relevance, personalization, and distribution. His expertise ensures the Digest stays ahead of the curve, offering readers a modern and tailored experience.

Advertising manager

Loc Pham

Advertising Manager: Loc Pham seamlessly bridges the worlds of content and advertising. Entrusted with spearheading the Digest’s Advertising Program, Loc’s pivotal role involves nurturing meaningful relationships with prospective advertisers.

Lily Taylor

Traffic Coordinator

Lily Taylor
Traffic Coordinator: Lily Taylor is the nerve center of The MedTech Digest’s publishing operations. As the Traffic Coordinator, she ensures a smooth workflow between editorial, design, and advertising, making certain that deadlines are met, content is placed correctly, and all pieces move seamlessly from concept to publication.


MedTech Professionals
Contributors: Our publication thrives on the insights from a diverse pool of MedTech professionals worldwide. Their unique stories, insights, and expertise make the Digest an invaluable hub for MedTech knowledge. Submit Your Article


  • Content Review & Approval: Every piece of content proposed for The MedTech Digest undergoes a rigorous review process by our board. 
  • Strategic Direction: The board collaboratively decides on themes and focal areas for upcoming issues, drawing from their collective expertise to highlight emerging trends and pressing topics.
  • Engagement & Outreach: The board actively seeks contributions from industry experts, ensuring a diverse range of voices and perspectives are represented.
  • Quality Assurance: By maintaining and enforcing high editorial standards, the board guarantees the premium quality of each newsletter edition.
  • Feedback & Adaptation: Through continual interaction with the MedTech community, the board ensures that The MedTech Digest evolves in tandem with the needs and interests of its readers.