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MedTech Insights: Accelus Secures $20 Million from Symbiotic Capital, Propelling Expansion in Spinal Implant Technology


Accelus, a pioneer in expandable spinal implant technologies, has recently announced a significant financial milestone. The company secured a $20 million debt facility from Symbiotic Capital, as reported on January 18, 2024. This strategic investment is poised to catalyze Accelus’s growth, focusing on expanding its market reach in the spinal implant sector.

The funding is earmarked for bolstering the company’s sales force, accelerating clinical research, and advancing product development, particularly for its FlareHawk and Toro expandable interbody fusion systems. Additionally, the investment will enhance Accelus’s emphasis on its Adaptive Geometry™ technology, integral to its FlareHawk® Interbody Fusion System. This technology has shown promising clinical outcomes, including zero cases of device subsidence, positioning Accelus as a frontrunner in spinal implant innovation.

The implications of this investment are substantial for the MedTech industry. Accelus’s financial boost from Symbiotic Capital underscores the growing interest and confidence in advanced spinal care technologies. The company’s focus on expanding its reach and accelerating R&D efforts represents a significant stride in the field of minimally invasive spine care.

With the backing of Symbiotic Capital, Accelus is set to reinforce its market leadership and potentially revolutionize spinal implant technologies, benefiting surgeons and patients alike.

View the full press release here for a comprehensive understanding of this pivotal development and its impact on the MedTech landscape.