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ResMed Keeps up Momentum with Somnoware Acquisition

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ResMed, headquartered in San Diego, California, has adroitly harnessed the opportunity rendered by Philips’ recall imbroglio within the domain of respiratory sciences. This strategic maneuver has endowed ResMed with the latitude to fortify its standing in the expansive landscape of respiratory spheres.

In the present juncture, the corporate echelons of ResMed have enunciated their intent to effectuate the assimilation of Somnoware, a distinguished purveyor of software tailored for the realm of sleep and respiratory diagnostic analytics. While the pecuniary particulars remain veiled in obscurity, ResMed avows its resolve to perpetuate the presence of the entire Somnoware cadre.

The software armamentarium proffered by Somnoware stands as an exemplar of streamlined efficacy, elucidating the operational terrain for clinicians and the precincts of sleep/pulmonary laboratories ensconced in the vocation of diagnosing and adjudicating the spectral tapestry of sleep and respiratory diagnostic ramifications. ResMed’s strategic blueprint entails the perpetuation of Somnoware’s open-ended and device-agnostic ethos, a precept that empowers end-users to harmoniously interface with a gamut of diagnostic paradigms and place procurements for treatment modalities from diverse purveyors.

Lucile Blaise, President of ResMed Sleep & Respiratory Care, highlighted the commitment to expanding the use of Somnoware’s platform to aid individuals with OSA or COPD in receiving accurate diagnoses and treatment. The goal is to enhance patient experiences and health outcomes.

The annals of ResMed’s trajectory bear testament to an unswerving odyssey of augmentation. In the annum of 2022, ResMed consummated the acquisition of Medifox Dan, an establishment ensconced in the intricacies of out-of-hospital software solutions, marshaling a financial outlay tantamount to one billion dollars. This strategic gambit transpired in the crucible of burgeoning demand for sleep apnea dispositives. Commensurate with this pursuit, ResMed effectuated the assimilation of mementor, an enterprise that gave birth to a digital panacea tailored for the affliction of insomnia. These feats of corporate prowess culminated in the accolade of ResMed being crowned the Medtech Company of the Year by the discerning MD+DI Editors during the annals of 2022.

By Javier Perez

Chief Strategic Advisor of The MedTech Digest and Director at BlackPoint Capital