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Is TikTok a Safe Bet for the MedTech Industry?

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Operating within the intricate digital landscape can often feel akin to a game of chess, where every move demands anticipatory thinking. As the President of MedTech Momentum, an integral part of my role encompasses evaluating the prospective contribution of burgeoning social media platforms, like TikTok, to enhance our strategic marketing initiatives for our MedTech clientele. The pressing question to consider: Is TikTok a worthy venture for us?

TikTok, a social networking platform dedicated to sharing short video clips, owned by Chinese conglomerate ByteDance, has garnered immense global popularity, securing over a billion users. This impressive user base opens the door to potential opportunities. For instance, entities like the University of Utah Health have cleverly employed TikTok to circulate health advice and offer an insider’s view of medical professionals at work. In a similar vein, The Mayo Clinic leverages this platform to deliver health-related information, successfully captivating younger audiences with enticing, approachable medical content.

However, alongside these opportunities lurk potential pitfalls, particularly in the realm of data security. ByteDance’s roots in China have spurred apprehensions about the likelihood of user data being accessible to international entities. These concerns take on amplified significance for the MedTech industry, due to the highly sensitive nature of patient data and intellectual property.

At MedTech Momentum, our standpoint is unambiguous: any venture into social media platforms must place data security and privacy at the helm. When considering platforms such as TikTok, this necessitates an exhaustive audit of their data privacy policies and a meticulous risk assessment. MedTech companies are obliged to ensure that any disseminated information maintains the confidentiality of patient data and complies with strict privacy laws. We robustly endorse the involvement of legal and cybersecurity specialists to assure strict regulatory adherence and comprehensive data protection.

One of the significant concerns associated with TikTok’s terms and conditions is the extent of information they can obtain from users. As per their policies, they reserve the right to collect a wide array of personal information, including but not limited to, location data, browsing history, and even biometric data such as faceprints and voiceprints. This poses an increased risk of data breach and misuse, particularly when handling sensitive medical data.

TikTok’s expansive reach does provide a unique opportunity to engage with more extensive, younger demographics. Nevertheless, this exploration should be approached with careful consideration, given the potential data security implications. As MedTech marketers, our pledge lies in striking a delicate balance between innovative strategies and data security. With proactive planning and rigorous security measures, we posit that it’s feasible to navigate responsibly and securely through the dynamic digital ecosystem.

The challenge with TikTok, celebrated for its succinct, engrossing content, is how to distill complex medical technology into bite-sized, audience-friendly content without sacrificing accuracy and depth.

Despite this obstacle, innovative solutions have emerged. Take ClearMask as an example, the creators of a transparent surgical mask. They’ve used TikTok as a launchpad to showcase their product, capturing a broad audience base. Their videos, often featuring healthcare professionals and patients, have gathered millions of views.  

Furthermore, MedTech startups can harness the power of TikTok to personify their brands. Videos illustrating an employee’s typical day or the journey of a product from ideation to market can build trust and engage potential investors or customers.  

At MedTech Momentum, we believe in our capability to convert these hurdles into stepping stones. Our experienced team of creative strategists excels at weaving narratives that are both compelling and true to the sophisticated nature of the MedTech industry.  

However, the decision to adopt TikTok, or any social platform, should be in harmony with the overarching marketing strategy. If your target audience is not present on TikTok, it might be more effective to focus your efforts on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or industry-specific networks. At the same time, TikTok could be instrumental in attracting young professionals to your company.  

In conclusion, although fraught with challenges, TikTok can be an invaluable asset in a MedTech marketer’s toolkit, provided it is used judiciously. It’s crucial to rigorously investigate any potential data security threats, comprehend the platform’s nature thoroughly, and ensure its use aligns with your overall marketing strategy.

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By Guillaume Viallaneix

Founder, President at MedTech Momentum, Inc and the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of The MedTech Digest.