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MedTech Insights: Robotic Surgery Boom Drives Q1 Growth

surgical robots in orthopedics industry

Orthopedic giants Stryker, Zimmer Biomet, and Globus Medical are seeing a boom in their robotic surgery segments, with Q1 2024 turning out to be a record-breaking quarter. Stryker, in particular, has had an impressive run with its Mako surgical robot, thanks to strong direct-to-consumer advertising. This has not only driven installations across the U.S. but also significantly boosted uptake in countries like India and Korea. The result? A whopping 41% year-over-year growth in their orthopedics and spine segment, emphasizing the growing global appetite for robotic surgical solutions.

Strong Performance from Orthopedic Leaders

Globus Medical isn’t far behind, reporting a 15% increase in robotic procedures—their best first quarter since launching their Excelsius robotics platform. CEO Dan Scavilla sees even more potential following their $3.1 billion acquisition of Nuvasive, aiming to leverage synergies to push sales further. Over at Zimmer Biomet, their Rosa robotic system also enjoyed a stellar quarter, with a notable third of U.S. installations happening in ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).

The ASC market is expanding rapidly, and their demand for advanced robotics is a clear signal that this trend is here to stay. Zimmer also announced a new shoulder application for Rosa, recently cleared by the FDA, which promises to drive future growth as it gains traction.

The Significance of Robotic Surgery Adoption

This surge in robotic surgery adoption is a testament to how these technologies are revolutionizing orthopedic care. They offer unparalleled precision and improve patient outcomes, making them a “gift that keeps on giving,” as Stryker’s CEO Kevin Lobo aptly put it. The continued innovation and international expansion we’re seeing suggest that robotic assistance in surgeries will only grow, paving the way for even more breakthroughs in medical technology. This is a pivotal moment for the MedTech industry, as these advancements are set to transform how surgeries are performed globally.

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By Samantha Feliz

Managing Editor for The MedTech Digest and Communications Director for MedTech Momentum