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Nanotechnology Enhanced Spinal Fusion Devices for Bone Growth

nanovis nanotechnology

The nanotechnology sector of the MedTech Industry has seen some major breakthroughs in recent years. One technology in particular is making waves for surgeons in various industries: Nanovis’ Nano FortiFix and Nano FortiCore Spinal Instrumentation.

Quickly becoming the bone-growth nanotechnology of choice for surgeons across the globe, the enhanced spinal fusion devices are designed with Nanovis’ bioceramic nanotube surface that is FDA-cleared, well-proven, and is ready to quickly upgrade any orthopedic implant made of titanium or titanium alloy.

“I am excited about the potential benefits of Nanovis’ technology for supporting rapid bone growth and fusion and will continue to use it in my practice as part of my ongoing commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for my patients.” – Todd Bonvallet, M.D.

Hear from Spine Surgeon Dr. Todd Bonvallet on why Nanovis bone-growth nanotechnology is his choice for biologic fixation and fusion here.